Homophobia… and all the ways it isn’t.

B444_HomophobiaIsASocialDiseaseRecent changes to The Associated Press Stylebook have left the word ‘homophobia’ on the cutting room floor. The word homophobia translates literally into having a fear of things that are the same. In reality, homophobia is used when describing people who have dislike or disdain of homosexuals. Continue reading


Frosted Pecan Bites

Every Thanksgiving I make these, and lets just say there are none left over to enjoy the next day. These frosted pecans taste just like a candy- probably because they are made with as much sugar as a lollipop. They have such a soft consistency that they just melt in your mouth- which probably has something to do with the two sticks of butter they are cooked in.

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Happy Halloween!

Just to put you in the trick-or-treat spirit, look how decorated this house is! They definitely win most spirited award. This is so cool! You know this house is giving out king-size candy bars. I definitely want to do this when I own a house…someday. Imagine being their neighbor?