Journalism because….

I became a journalism major when I sucked at accounting. I wish there was a better story, but that is it.

I thought majoring in business was what I was supposed to do to graduate with a good job. However, I wasn’t going to graduate at all if I stuck with that route. I began to panic second semester sophomore year and started talking every 100 level course I could find in different majors. Psychology, history, you name it and I took it.

By complete randomness I took a journalism class. I needed one more class to be considered a full time student and this fit my schedule.  Needless to say the rest is history. Two years later and I am a journalism major. That expression ‘life happens when your busy making plans’ is totally true.

What I have found to be most important, or what most teachers stress the most, is figuring out what you want to say, with out using too many words. After you say it as non-wordy as possible, make sure it is interesting and your reader wants to continue.

Hopefully I just did both of these things because I think it is a little to late to switch my major now…


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