Mixed Marshall Blogging

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall knows a thing or two about great writing. An avid blogger, UFC enthusiast, and comedian, Marshall knows how to write for and engage his readers.

Starting as a reader blogger-someone who blogs for exposure, not pay- for the Times Union, he wrote a lot about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and was discovered by Spike TV. He is now in charge of their tumblr, written for SpikeTV.com, UFC.com- a mixed martial arts promotion company, and has a blog for All Access Weekly covering technology, gaming and comics. Marshall has taken his passion for MMA from words to action in the ring when he actually got a chance to fight in a cage war- this, he says, gives him extra insight while blogging.  Marshall has also had his blogs acknowledged by The Smithsonian and New York Magazine.

Now that I have established his credentials, I would say his advice for great blogging is valuable.

Marshall believes you should “write and do it on a regular basis.” He explains by comparing writing a blog to running a marathon- you’ve got to practice to be successful. Marshall insists you have a congruent theme and beat which must covey the writer’s passion or familiarity to the reader. He is also firm about having a distinct voice in your blog- without crossing the line of snarky, condescending or down right annoying. Using this voice, you should write conversationally to your readers, while also being informative.

A blogger/comedian who has a degree in political science, Marshall enjoys reading blogs like Capitol Confidential, Jezebel and KeyboardKrumbs. Just don’t ask him to write a rave review of Anthony Bourdain.


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