Indian Ladder Goodies

Fall is here. Quick! Someone tell Indian Ladder Farms to start production on apple cider donuts, STAT. What? They’ve been making them since September? Phew. Everyone, do yourself a favor and go get some now. Here, I’ll even make it easier for you, their address is 342 Altamont Voorheesville Rd., Altamont, NY 12009.

Indian Ladder Farms does having amazing donuts, cider, and apples, but did you know they also have an amazingly quaint cafe? The Yellow Rock Cafe is located right inside the main building, ya know, where they make the donuts- have I hammered that point home yet?

As soon as you walk into store/gift shop, you are transported back to a time when mom and pop shops were everywhere. This store has stayed true to its origins and has not conformed into anything that can be found in a mall. Most people working there are older, retired, and super friendly. Their enjoyment for their job comes across to everyone that enters.

The Yellow Rock Cafe is located in the back of the store, separated from the main section by a wall of home-made jam, honey and maple syrup. The back wall lets in natural light from the country side through its windows while letting diners do a little leaf-peeping. The ceiling is covered in old Tiffany-style lamps with beautiful stained glass colors and patterns. And hey, the menu isn’t so bad either. There are many choices for such a small cafe; brunch, soups, salads, sandwiches and specialty drinks.

While my grandparents are up visiting every fall from Florida, I can always convince them to take a trip to Indian Ladders. We love starting off the meal with hot tea to help fight off the chill coming from the refrigerated room where the apples are kept. They serve their tea in individual small pots, and you brew your own. For a tea snob like me it is great, because there is nothing worse than getting tea that smells/tastes like coffee.

For lunch I got the Helderburger. Let me tell you, it was almost as big as the actual Helderbergs! This hamburger has 6 oz of fresh,hand packed meat, lettuce, tomato, onions and a side of french fries that could feed a family of four. It was cooked to perfection and very tasty. I definitely recommend it to any meat lovers out there. For desert, I had to get a apple cider donut, warmed, with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top.

Not only are you getting a great meal when you go to the Yellow Rock Cafe, but you are getting an experience that can not be matched.


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