LGBT Students ‘Outed’ Unintentionally by Facebook

Two students from the University of Texas-Austin have been outed to their parents because of a Facebook privacy breach. The president of the school’s LGBT choir added Bobbi Duncan and Taylor McCormick to the choir’s Facebook group, which displayed their involvement in the LGBT community to all of their Facebook friends.  Both Bobbi Duncan and Taylor McCormick had made their Facebook profiles extremely private, and limited who can see what information on their pages. Consequently, both students experienced harsh backlash from their families who were not aware of their sexual orientation.

Although you can make your Facebook page as ‘private’ as you want it to be, nothing on the Internet is ever 100 percent private or exclusive. I feel bad for these students being outed the way they were-not having control of how the information was presented. But, if you have things you are trying to hide, do not put them on the Internet! Especially Facebook. Facebook is such a public website, the first thing someone does when they want to know something about you is search your name on Facebook. Also, never put something on Facebook you would not feel comfortable with everyone who views your profile seeing. It is bound to happen at some point, whether you welcome it or not.


One thought on “LGBT Students ‘Outed’ Unintentionally by Facebook

  1. senseibj

    Finally, someone who doesn’t blame Facebook for this. I can’t tell you how many people I have mentioned this story to and they all say FB slipped up. If I didn’t want my parents to know something about me, I definitely wouldn’t friend them on Facebook…


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