Put French Toast to Shame

I love anything involving cinnamon in the morning. French toast, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon raisin bread, heck maybe even cinnamon sticks would taste okay. Normally, people don’t plan out their breakfast meals the day before like they do for dinner. So, what happens if you are craving french toast and have no eggs or milk? 

Have no fear, cinnamon rolls are here! Normally you bake these delicious and gooey pastries in the oven, but that takes time. And lets face it, when your starving one minute feels like 20. What if there was a way to make them in about five minutes flat. Well, if you have a waffle oven, you can.

                                                                                 Heat cinnamon roll icing for about 15 seconds in the microwave and pour over your delicious breakfast!


2 thoughts on “Put French Toast to Shame

  1. heulwencorcoran

    I really like your pictures and the idea is really cool- I’ve never thought of it before. I would of liked more direction though when it came to making the dish, even if it seems self explanatory.


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