A Little About Me…

I’m Lauren, a 22-year- old college student from Bethlehem. No, not like Jesus, the Bethlehem located in New York- 5.98 miles from Albany. I am a senior at UAlbany, majoring in journalism and minoring in communications.

Although I love to write, I do not know of any journalists, except for Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, or Barbara Walters, to make a great amount of money in this profession. Most journalists I have spoken to tell me to prepare for an unbalanced home life, living from paycheck to paycheck, and not having normal 9-5 hours. So I figure, while I am in college why not enjoy my major? The bigger plan is to graduate and apply to law school.

Secretly, every year on my birthday I hope for my parents to tell me I am a trust fund baby. They would then explain to me that they waited this long to give me the life-changing news because they wanted me to accomplish something in school. If I could not worry about finances for the rest of my life, I would spend all my time working with animal shelters and rescuing dogs, like the little Maltese I am holding in my picture. Safe to say if your not an animal person, your personality will not work with mine.


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