Chicken Pot Pie- Fun Sized!

It is that time of year again! The leaves are changing and it is getting chilly outside! This is the best time of year when the holidays start coming and the food starts getting really GOOD! With Halloween right around the corner, give your stomach a couple of days of great meals to make up for the candy induced tummy-ache we are all sure to feel on November 1st!

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LGBT Students ‘Outed’ Unintentionally by Facebook

Two students from the University of Texas-Austin have been outed to their parents because of a Facebook privacy breach. The president of the school’s LGBT choir added Bobbi Duncan and Taylor McCormick to the choir’s Facebook group, which displayed their involvement in the LGBT community to all of their Facebook friends.  Both Bobbi Duncan and Taylor McCormick had made their Facebook profiles extremely private, and limited who can see what information on their pages. Consequently, both students experienced harsh backlash from their families who were not aware of their sexual orientation. Continue reading

“I Do”

The lighting is dim and warm, bouncing off the wood beams stretching from the floor to the ceiling. Candle light is flickering with each gust of wind coming from an open window, dispersing faint smells of smoke and vanilla across the room. The decor is simple, no tulle or frill, as the stone walls are so detailed with color and size, it looks dressed for the occasion. The room filled with a 100 hundred empty white chairs soon becomes crowded with family and friends. A dull roar of conversation breaks out among guests who are anxious and excited to watch the bride and groom exchange vows.

The Wedding March plays and it is time to begin. The bride makes her entrance accompanied by the gasps and awes of her guests. She is elegant and timeless wearing in a dress draped with lace, hugging all the curves of her body. Her shoulders are bare, a cream satin sash hugs her stomach, and her train follows closely behind her. The groom’s eyes begin to fill with tears and he gulps back a hard swallow. They meet at the end of the aisle, joined hand in hand, and there in that moment love is overwhelmingly present.